• Mahogany Sterling Silver Inlay


    Mahogany Bentwood Wood Ring with Sterling Silver.

     The silver is striking against the almost whiskey colour of wood.   It is a perfect balance of wood and metal.  You will not be disappointed!

    Crafted with multiple layers of Mahogany Veneer wrapped around itself. We do not coat the wood rings with any wax, but highly polished multiple layers of cyanoacrylate glue. All of our wood rings are hand cut and finished with hand tools, and then sanded to size and buffed to a smooth, glass feel to the touch.  We do not use any stain to enhance the color of the woods used.

    *Because, each ring is handcrafted, our pieces will vary in shades and tones.  The colour of the wood used may be slightly darker or lighter.  

    All of our rings blend together with their natural colourings, so you can easily stack any combination together for very attractive look.

    What you receive:

    ● unique gift box

    ● jewelry polish (100% natural, made in Canada)

    ● care card 

    ~ Our rings are made to order in any size.  

    ~ All rings are unique, and one of a kind

    ~ Please note that wooden rings are not adjustable, and cannot be re-sized, so please be sure of the correct sizing you need.  Best time to measure your finger is late afternoon/evening.   Also to be noted, because of the natural finish, rings are not to be submerged in water. 

    Bent wood rings are unbelievably stronger than wood rings cut from a solid piece of wood, If treated correctly they should last a lifetime.

    Please be sure to check your countries ship time to ensure delivery in time.

    We cannot be responsible for late orders. - Thank-you

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    Please contact us for pick-up within local area

    ~ Enjoy your new purchase!