• Cherrywood Ring


    Cherrywood Wood Ring

    Made of Cherrywood hardwood, our rings are cut from a solid piece of wood. 

     Coated with all natural beeswax, and orange oil, these rings will make the perfect gift for yourself, or someone special.  What a great fifth year Anniversary gift!   Handcrafted, and always custom made!

    ~ Our rings are made to order in any size.  

    ~ All rings are unique, and one of a kind

    *Please note that wooden rings are not adjustable, and cannot be re-sized, so please be sure of the correct sizing you need.  Best time to measure your finger is late afternoon/evening.   Also to be noted, because of the natural finish, rings are not to be submerged in water. 

    Wood rings are delicate. If treated correctly they should last a lifetime. However, due to the inconsistent conditions wood rings can experience, we are unable to guarantee them.  

    Please be sure to check your countries ship time to ensure delivery time.

    We cannot be responsible for late orders. - Thank-you

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    ~ Enjoy your new purchase!